Hello, World?

Hello, World?

Sorry, not sorry. A quick ctrl-c from my about page:

If the blog description wasn't a giveaway: my name's Sam and among other things I'm interested in Linux, security (specifically computer security) and games.

So, what's up with the blog? Initially my motivations were not actually to start my own blog, but to help my girlfriend set up one for her Mandarin studies. Somewhere along the way the idea became contagious and much like for her Mandarin, a blog could provide me both the structure to help pursue my interests and the opportunity to share anything interesting along the way.

Honestly, it's probably about time too. For a long while now I've been a Linux, and more broadly speaking open-source, fanboy so after years of take I'm eager to give back. So hopefully this small blog can be just that - somewhere mixed in amongst the rambling, ranting and raving - a place to share and give back some of the stuff I've picked up.

Before I wrap this up, another thing to note about me is I am a stickler for (potentially unnecessary levels of) organisation and anything involving checklists, so naturally I've already come up with an optimistic schedule for the blog. Perhaps posting this will make me more likely to stick to it, or maybe I'll just come back and edit this out.


The general idea revolves around a 4-week rotating schedule of weekly posts, with the occasional unscheduled (gasp) post sprinkled in if something interesting comes up.

  • Week 1: Monthly Linux Roundup; so Linux related happenings I've found interesting in the last month or so
  • Week 2: Monthly Security Roundup; in a similar vein to week 1 except regarding cyber security happenings
  • Week 3: This'll be an optional piece, usually a technical write-up or opinion piece
  • Week 4: My Monthly Roundup; the most important roundup of them all, this could be hit or miss ngl, but will cover anything interest updates or happenings with me

EDIT: So the schedule, uh, didn't work out. tl;dr something that was to be a motivator quickly felt like a chore so I scrapped that approach for a far more flexible one: writing about what I want to when I feel like it. I know, it's crazy. Let's see how it goes!


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